Biotechnology core facility and equipment

Alec Nielsen
February 8, 2017
Create a biotech core facility that provides access to critical instrumentation and services for biotech startups. Useful services would include fluorescence-activated cell sorting, mass spectrometry, DNA sequencing, and high-performance computing cluster; these services may require technicians or service contracts. Additional equipment useful to biotech startups include pipettes, thermocyclers, incubators, centrifuges (bucket style and benchtop versions), gel electrophoresis boxes (DNA and protein), electroporators, freezers (-20 deg C and -80 deg C), and fridges (4 deg C). A for-purchase consumables stocking area similar to those at the Broad Institute would be a convenient setup for obtaining pipette tips, gloves, DNA purification columns, media, culture tubes, enzymes, buffers, and other common chemical supplies.