EcoTech Visions is a GreenTech Maker Manufacturing Facility with a global replication model to support consumer product start up in obtaining scale.

Pandwe Aletha Gibson
January 23, 2017
EcoTech Visions offers innovative startup-related services to grow greentech-manufacturing companies (GMCs). GMCs are product or service based companies with a B2B or B2G model that facilitate carbon neutral production and have a low to mid technology component in their production. GMC’s provide renewable energy solutions, agribusiness models, and cleantech applications. The EcoTech business model is designed to build a pipeline of high-impact new ventures, support iterative testing and prototyping, support entrepreneurial capacity, and accelerates access to early growth-stage capital. By year one, EcoTech solidified its own maker-space real-estate facility with the plan to create 3 investor-ready companies, 50 new jobs within these companies and five green market-ready products in the next following years. This will propel economic development in Liberty City, a community with 47 percent unemployment rate. By year 5, our goal is to be in 5 markets around the country specializing in expanding green manufacturing in urban centers. Business incubators have become an increasingly popular way for public and private actors to support entrepreneurs and start-up companies. For many entrepreneurs, incubators are the only option to access investor networks, mentorship and acquire essential skills to properly launch their business. While most business incubators are open to either all-new businesses, or only to tech-related companies (majority of non-public incubators), EcoTech Visions is the first to serve entrepreneurs that seek to grow manufacturing companies.  The EcoTech organization launched in November 2014 and currently houses 26 companies in its 4,000 square-feet facility. Strategically located on the border of Liberty City, a community suffering high unemployment, incarceration, and poverty rate, EcoTech is committed to grow the middle class. By supporting the creation of and growing GMCs, EcoTech creates living wage jobs, sustain communities, and protect the planet. EcoTech’s unique value proposition is combining a business incubator with a maker-space to provide GMCs with 360-degree business services, labs to produce their product, and access to subsidized manufacturing machinery and high-skilled labor. Providing these services, EcoTech’s mission is to get GMCs investor-ready.


Pandwe Gibson on January 23, 2017

Looking forward to help with growing this model.