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Accessible Apps and Device for Seniors and Disabled. - AxMax System.

Sunish Gupta of Easy Alliance
March 22, 2017
The rising senior population due to the three major worldwide trends (see appendix A below)will force designers and programmers to make their solutions accessible to the seniors and disabled populations. We want to offer fast and accurate design and testing services to assist the design teams to accomplish their accessibility and usability goals. The founder is one of the first blind graduates of MIT and has committed to bring this change. We are seeking innovators, partners and collaborators within the MIT community to step to the challenge and help us drive this initiative. Sunish Gupta Founder/CEO M 617.717.9590. Appendix A. Three trends that will drive seniors to new heights in the 21st century. 1. The seniors are living longer than ever.In 2012 the average life expectancy is 100. 2. The senior population is the fastest growing population. (More than 50% population will be of retirement age.) 3. Majority population lives in Urban environment. As of 2010. More than50% population lives in cities. More people living in cities than ever. Shared and using city infrastructure.