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The Claude Shannon Center for New Enterprise Communication

Tom Rutledge
March 18, 2017
Your idea to save the world goes nowhere if you can't make people aware of it. And let's face it. People with great ideas are not always great communicators. They have their heads down and their noses to the grindstone--not the perfect posture from which to tell the world about your work. Yet MIT was the home of the father of Information Theory: computer science giant Claude Shannon, . While his work was mostly technical in nature, Shannon gave professional communicators powerful clues on how to put a message across with the maximum clarity, potency and meaning. So, let's have a standing resource for communication within The Engine. It would draw on the writers, artists, media designers and scientists within the MIT community--from the Media Lab, to the arts and design faculties, to all the MIT-associated media and communication professionals in the working world. The Shannon Center can certainly help The Engine's nascent enterprises develop the communication toolkit to connect with customers, investors and partners. Moreover, with the unique MIT convergence of art and science, The Shannon Center could also refine the practice of communication for the world art large by more rigorous, creative crafting of messages, media and channels. I am a Sloan MBA, a former award-winning journalist, an institutional investment manager, and a start-up investor and advisor focused on media-tech (DataXu for digital ads, for PR, for news aggregation, and WEVO for e-commerce conversion). I would be thrilled to coordinate with The Engine to build this resource. For reference, I've attached a white paper I wrote on Shannon's relevance to business communication. (I titled it "The Message Engine" even before The Engine was announced!) I would welcome the chance to discuss with other MIT community members and The Engine's executive team. Regards Tom