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'Dating Site' for Team Assembly

Jim Papadopoulos, SB '79, Ph.D. '86
March 17, 2017
Some people are entrepreneurial by nature, they have drive to make something happen. Some are research-oriented, they try to uncover truth. Some are puzzle solvers, finding a solution that does the most with the least. Some may be students of human nature (marketing insight).... My understanding of The Engine is that it offers support for individuals or teams with a goal. But maybe it could also allow different talents to connect with each other -- an entrepreneur determined to work in the appropriate technology medical area might connect with someone who has tools and ideas for simple medical solutions, or someone who has experience with the expected clients. My suggestion is to provide a 'listing' service, where different individuals can describe talents or interests, i.e. what they offer or what they want, and can connect with each other. This could easily include privacy protections like online dating. Personally I would love to have a chance to offer my surprising technology solutions without having to first start my own company (which, frankly, will probably never happen)